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Our primary goal is to provide top-notch dentistry and excellent customer service at an affordable price. We know that you wish to receive your dental care from a highly trained, professional and caring staff. Our promise to you is that our office will provide you with dental care of the highest quality available, using the most modern procedures and utilizing an extremely qualified staff. Our office can provide you with complete general dental services, from a smile-brightening cleaning to a full mouth reconstruction.

Also, we want our patients to know that it is possible to save your natural teeth for your lifetime. We want you to enjoy having beautiful teeth with low maintenance. We hope that you share in our belief that regular preventative dental health care is a sound investment. While the responsibility for returning for this treatment rest primarily with you, we will send you a written reminder when it is time for you to return.

As a patient of Comfort Dental, you will be pleased with our “personal touch” philosophy and our dedication to excellence in care.

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Furthrmore, we recognize that you can have an emergency situation arise. We will do our best to respond to your problem promptly. If the problem arises when the office is closed, the answering service will forward your message to the doctor or to whom ever is on call.

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We are located at 348 Abbott Road in South Buffalo


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